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Shashthi Shraddha

Shashthi Shraddha is done for those deceased family members who died on Shashthi Tithi, including both Shukla and Krishna Paksha Shashthi.

Why you need this puja

It is believed that performing this Shraddha brings happiness and prosperity at the home.

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  • Shashthi Shraddha is also known as Chhath Shraddha .
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1. When should we perform Shraddha Puja ?

Shraddha Puja should be performed and completed between 12pm to sunset.

2. What happens when I place the order ?

You will be connected to your concerned astrologer. Astrologer will share the mode of communication of this puja, as it can be live video call or photos or video link.via chat window.

3. What is the duration of Shraddha Puja ?

The average duration of the Shraddha Puja is 45 mins to 60 mins.

4. When should we perform Shraad Puja ?

5. When can expect the astrologer to respond to the booking of pooja?

The astrologer usually takes 24- 48 hours to respond. The astrologers go through your details to know about the auspicious time for Pooja.

6. What is the duration of One Session ?

Usually one session is from 30 mins to 60 mins

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