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RudrAbhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek puja is a supreme ritual. It is considered to be one of the purest rituals in Hinduism. Rudrabhishek puja is performed by giving a sacred bath to Lord Shiva along with flowers and the holy puja materials.

Why you need this puja

Rudrabhishek puja is performed to please Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.

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  • 1) It is a source of positive energy and opens the way to success.
  • 2) It brings peace, happiness, and prosperity to one’s life.
  • 3) It purifies the soul by eradicating the bad karma and evil effects of various doshas in one’s horoscope.
  • 4) It helps to minimize sins.
  • 5) It helps to get rid of the disease.
  • 6) Bachelors can get a good life partner.
  • 7) Bless a person with a healthy mind and a positive spirit
  • 8) Prevents untimely incidents, accidents and bestows one with sound health, both physical and mental.
  • 9) Remove the evil effects of the Punarvasu, Ashlesha Nakshatras, and the Pushya.
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Flowers Incense sticks Ghee Curd Honey Fresh milk Panchamrit Rose Water Sweets(Mithai) Ganga Jal Camphor(Kapoor) Supari, Laung, Elaichi Bel Patra Holy Ash

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1. When can expect the astrologer to respond to the booking of pooja?

The astrologer usually takes 24- 48 hours to respond. The astrologers go through your details to know about the auspicious time for Pooja.

2. What happens when I place the order ?

You will be connected to your concerned astrologer. Astrologer will share the mode of communication of this puja, as it can be live video call or photos or video link.via chat window.

3. Can a girl do Rudrabhishek Puja?

Rudrabhishek is a ritual to express one's dedication towards Lord Shiva. Rudrabhishek is a very powerful ritual according to the Hindu mythology. It is performed by men, women and unmarried girls for healthy and peaceful life, successful career, child and

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