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Mangal Graha Shanti Puja

Mars is considered to be a very fast and powerful planet. This is the reason why its auspicious and inauspicious yoga in the horoscope determines the altitude of life. Mars is the planet of energy, courage, action, patience, self-confidence, desire, aggression and anger.

Why you need this puja

The bad state of this planet can take away prosperity, financial loss, late or no marriage and no properties a devotee could ever make. If Mars is inauspicious in a persons horoscope then he is indebted. Also, this loan keeps increasing day by day. Even physically, the person is troubled. When Mars is inauspicious, there is often a pain in the body of the person and he is suffering from blood-related diseases.

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  • 1) Abundance in wealth and prosperity in the family are a natural outcome of this Puja.
  • 2) It mends troubled relationships among couples by reducing bitterness and bringing in a sense of love & understanding.
  • 3) It protects from accidents and injuries while driving or performing daily activities.
  • 4) It brings relief in serious legal complications and move matters either towards a victory or a favourable resolution.
  • 5) It removes delays and obstacles in marriage for those who are single and ensures a speedy marriage.
  • 6) Childless couples facing the problem of infertility find this Puja immensely beneficial and see a rise in their prospects to conceive and bear a child.
  • 7) It protects the residence or office of a person from fire breakouts.
  • 8) It makes one emerge victorious over all enemies both open as well as hidden or evil effects of black magic etc.
  • 9) It promotes gain of property and resolving the disputes related to ancestral or other property into one’s favour.
  • 10) This Puja ensures a safe & successful pregnancy for women who are expecting and significantly lowers the risk of miscarriages or abortion.
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Red cloths Red flower Red Sandalwood Kusha Desi Ghee Nagarmotha Lentil Groundnut Cedar Wheat Saffron

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1. What happens when I place the order ?

You will be connected to your concerned astrologer. Astrologer will share the mode of communication of this puja, as it can be live video call or photos or video link.via chat window.

2. When can expect the astrologer to respond to the booking of pooja?

The astrologer usually takes 24- 48 hours to respond. The astrologers go through your details to know about the auspicious time for Pooja.

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