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Group Puja@Rs.501

Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and welcome Lord Ganesh at your home with our astrologers performing the rituals. Do your Ganesh Sthapna on the first day of the festival!!

Why you need this puja

Perform all the rituals along with all the mantras recited our astrologers.

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  • 1) Prosperity
  • 2) Good Fortune
  • 3) Wisdom
  • 4) Destroy All your Obstacles
  • 5) You will become patient
  • 6) You will become knowledgeable
  • 7) Your soul will be purified
  • 8) You will have a peaceful life
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1. What happens when I place the order ?

You will be connected to your concerned astrologer. Astrologer will share the mode of communication of this puja, as it can be live video call or photos or video link.via chat window.

2. When should we perform Ganesh Sthapna Puja?

Ideally, Sthapna should happen by 12pm afternoon.

3. What is the duration of One Session ?

Usually one session is from 30 mins to 60 mins

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